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Posted on Feb 8, 2015

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A blueprint is a reproduction of a technical drawing, documenting an architecture or an engineering design.

Developing python application using minimalist frameworks has become frequent in the Python community, for no reasons not to speak here. I see this change as a professional development where developers want to choose what is best for your application, simply use what little hide a group (of pearls, or not*)* that is better.

Along with this evolution brings vices of many developers other frameworks (and/or technology), this can be a problem at the time of the taking of decision of which Python web framework to use.

I am a member of the team that keeps the Bottle Framework and thinking of a better acceptance of the framework decided to create the bottle-boilerplate, a project that creates a scaffold using the structure of the bottle and its best practices on top of design pattern MVC, thus simplifying the bootstrap starting a web application.

Which libraries are used?

  • bottle (based python web framework)
  • click (manage commands at the prompt, example runserver)
  • beaker (manage session)
  • jinja2 (template engine)
  • bottle-sqlalchemy (bottle plugin for connection with relational database)

How to use?

The process failed use the simplest possible:

pip install bottle-boilerplate
bottle startproject YOU-PROJECT-NAME

If you want to open the documentation from the bottle:

bottle doc

How to contribute?

The bottle-boilerplate is an open source project and accept what you want contribution (which come to improve the project). Is an interface (command line) to the cookiecutter-bottle, i.e. bottle-boilerplate on startproject will call cookiecutter to create the application.

We need the contribution in cookiecutter-bottle to improve the application for example, write test, among other improvements. Send pull request free Synthase (PR).

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