Posted on Jul 4, 2021

Newsletter about software engineering, team management, team building, books and lots of notes I take after reading/studying (mine or yours)… :D

Make sure to check out for a list of everyone’s /uses pages!

I constantly get a few emails (my email is public on my github profile) asking about the software and hardware I use in my day to day life as an open source product/project maintainer.

My day job is 100% involved with open source projects, would you like to support any project I help maintain? see how and who currently supports me here.

Avelino Workspace




  • Slack
  • Discord (any open source community)
  • GitHub (many resources, such as issue, discussions, releases, actions, etc)
  • Profit Pro (TradeMap on mobile device) - marked financial


my dotfile share in this repository

Another apps

  • Firefox
  • Figma
  • Google Drive


Training to IRONMAN/Triathlon

  • Garmin 955 (watch)
  • Elite Direto XR smart training
  • TrainingPeaks
  • Zwift
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