New web framework asynchronous to Python 3

Posted on Aug 11, 2013

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I started a new project with the name nacho, asynchronous web framework for Python 3.

Nacho Python3 Web Framework

Our goals

  • It was designed to work on Python 3.x
  • Some of syntax were inspired on Tornado's syntax
  • Tornado is the default server, but Eventlet is stable as well
  • Templates are done by Jinja2
  • HTML5 as the big-main-thing
  • Work friendly with NoSQL (otherwise we should stop talking about them)
  • Handle asynchronous requests properly


class MainHandler(ApplicationController):
    def get(self):
        data = {'title': 'testando lero lero'}
        self.render("home.html", **data)

r = Routers([(r"/", MainHandler),])
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